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Our collection of custom cutting boards, serving boards, and charcuterie boards are sure to find a place in your kitchen and dining room for your next party.  Made from quality hard woods, these boards are made to last for years.

Please note that all of our cutting and serving boards are hand made from natural wood stock.  Each board may present unique patterns and textures.  Images are only a representation of what you may receive.


Please note that our serving and charcuterie boards are made for serving ONLY.  They are note made to be cut on.  The wood grain and epoxy will become damaged and not easily repairable.  Plus, while all of our epoxy is rated by the FDA to be safe for food contact, it is not rated to be safe for consumption.  Cutting on epoxy can chip the surface, releasing epoxy pieces into food, which is dangerous. 

All of our cutting and serving boards are made for hand washing ONLY.  We do not advise ever putting our boards in a dishwasher as the extreme heat temperatures will cause the wood to deform and even the glue to separate.  Do not let your board soak in water.  Please hand-wash your board with warm water and dish soap, then allow to dry on a rack. 


When you notice the surface of your board starting to look dried out apply a light coat of the board butter to your board, allow it to soak in for a few minutes, then wipe off any excess with a terry cloth rag.  This will ensure the wood stays properly hydrated with natural oils and waxes to ensure maximum life from your board.

If after a lot of use, you notice the surface of your cutting board starting to become heavily marked with knives, your cutting board can be lightly sanded to return a smooth finish.  Simply sand using 180 grit sandpaper in a with-the-wood grain motion until the marks are gone.  Clean the cutting board surface and apply a new coat of board butter.  Your cutting board's now as good as new and ready to use!

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